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Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides analytics to the hospitals regarding many important aspects.

Firstly, the CRM reflects the types of calls that they are receiving, which can be categorised into general enquiries, customer dispute, customer complaints, bill requests and others. 

Based on the top requested category, the hospital can then decide how they would like to speed up or even automate the process, so that customers face shorter waiting times, and the customer service officers have more time to rectify other issues. 

For instance, if most of the calls consist of customers requesting for bills, then they may choose to create a portal where customers may view their bill online. This effectively eliminates an entire category of calls received, which would evidently speed up many processes.

Furthermore, hospitals can view which customer support officers are contributing the most significantly to supporting customers. This allows the customer support officers to receive credit where it is due, incentivising them to keep up their high levels of productivity.